Every year, students from diverse disciplines submit their papers to Arete. We, the editors, organize these submissions, rate them on several different scales, and edit the strongest for publication. Works are peer reviewed for accuracy and content, and the result is published and distributed on campus.

At Arete, we try to make submitting as painless as possible. The easiest way to increase your chance of publication is to spend time rereading your submission, checking for spelling, grammar, and citation errors. Formatting is not an issue, as Arete applies its own style to every selected submission before its publication.

Submissions should be

  • interesting, provocative and weighty
  • no more than two per student
  • works of academic research (not fiction or creative writing)
  • between 5 and 20 pages, not including Works Cited or figures
  • written by a St. Edward’s student enrolled at the time of submission
  • sent between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31
  • emailed to arete@stedwards.edu